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Smart, Affordable Products

Hallam Tinkering was founded by me - an engineering student that finds enjoyment in tinkering with small projects at home.

I have a strong passion for designing items that make a difference in people lives, whether to solve a problem, help grow a business or make others feel special and appreciated.

At Hallam Tinkering, my priority is to make my customers satisfied and the recipients of my creations very happy.

I do this by guaranteeing that every product is designed with care and professionalism.

I revel in the problem solving & creativity it takes to turn ideas into reality so whether you

- want that special gift that says exactly what you want it to, 

- have a special occasion that you want themed

-want a one off project 

-have a problem that you want solved or  

-bulk orders of custom designed items to utilize in your own business 

then please take a look at my site and feel free to contact me to discuss anything you want to know. 

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